Why should you indulge in a warm bath this weekend?

I always love having a bath any day of the week but my Friday night baths have always been a ritual in my adult life as I find that after a long working week it’s so soothing to me to soak off the stress of the working week coupled with the daily commute. For me the candles are lit and the relaxing music is playing in the background as I unwind in my hot bath. But why should you join me in indulging in a weekend bath?

Having a bath can help you sleep better

Bathing before bedtime is a tradition in some countries like Japan because a bath can enable a restful night sleep especially in winter as the cold can keep us awake & disrupt our sleep. Studies have shown taking a bath approx. 90mins before bed can help you fall asleep faster and the hot water can help change your bodies core temperature signalling to your body that it is time to sleep. Further studies show that the body temperature increase of 1.8 degrees enhanced slow wave sleep (deep sleep). The average deep sleep needed per night is 1-3 hours. With having more time to sleep in at weekends it marks the perfect time to indulge in a long warm relaxing bath.

woman asleep

Strengthening your immune system

Benefits of baths have been known for centuries and shown in numerous studies to be effective for disease prevention & health promotion as warm humid environments supports your respiratory system trapping viruses & creating antibodies to remove them. Having a bath increases your body's temperature so can help boost your immune system and can help relieve your cold.

Having a hot bath in winter can help clear your sinuses before issues start or ease your cough/cold symptoms as the steam from a hot bath can open your airways and loosen mucus from your nose & chest.

woman sneezing

Relaxing and easing stress

If you're feeling down or stressed have a bath!

Submerging in warm water can help activate your parasympathetic nervous system which is the part of your body that is responsible for relaxation. Your nervous system adjusts to the warm water reducing stress & anxiety. Having a warm bath can increase your mood naturally. Adding bath products can aid in your relaxation too. I recommend the ‘Mood Booster’ or ‘Scent of Heaven’ for boosting your mood. Studies suggest that indulging in a bath 2 afternoons a week can produce a moderate lift to your mood consistently.

Submerging your body in warm water is so comforting (almost like being in the womb) and gives your body time to relax & unwind. Being in the bath gives you comfort, silence & isolation allowing your mind a peaceful moment. Because of these things bathing can elevate your mood and de-stress your mind. The weekend is when most people get to enjoy a couple days off together so a great time to give yourself time to relax.

 woman reading in bath

Whilst there are many health benefits to having a bath these 3 reasons are why we suggest you indulge in a lovely bath this weekend after your long working week and ward off any winter (or Irish spring) nasties. I mean who can say no to better sleep, feeling more relaxed & supporting our immune systems in the cold weather.

On that note I better run my Friday night bath. Enjoy your weekend!